Menís Apparel Sizing and Guide

Published: 21st March 2012
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Be it buying your apparel online or offline, size is the first thing we keep in mind while making purchases for men. Be it a formal wear, casual wear, sportswear or any other type of clothing you want to move on with- sizing and fit matters the most. We often see people making mistakes in selecting the perfect fit and sizing of apparel to suit their body type, so here is Shopclues with some tips on how to measure your body and get the clothing that fits you perfectly and enhances your personality.
1. Collar: Measure around the base line of neck where your shirt fits perfectly. Make sure there is no suspended space between the tape and neck.
2. Chest: Place the tape exactly below your armpits and measure around the fullest part of your chest. For better results, inhale naturally.
3. Back: Measure across the top curve of your shoulder from one edge to another. Make sure youíre taking the curved line and not straight one.
4. Sleeve: Keep arm at your side and get someone to measure from upper shoulder tip to the hem of your outer arm.
5. Waist: Measure around the fullest natural waistline.
6. Inside Leg: Measure inside leg from crotch till the ankle bone.
7. Outside Leg: Start measuring from your natural waistline up till the hem of your trouser.
8. Centre Back Length: Begin from the center of the collar line to your natural waistline.
9. Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips while standing straight in your natural posture.
10. Shoes: Feet should be usually measured using professional device like ĎBrannockí or ĎRitz Stickí. Either you borrow it from your nearest local shoe shop or get your feet measured perfectly by them.
Once you are finished with measuring your body accurately, the nest step is- what kind of apparel suits you as per your body appearance Ė whether itís a shirt, t-shirt, formal shirt or a funky t-shirt. Let us suggest you some Dos and Doníts according to your Body type to make you look your best.
Muscular Men: If youíre a brawny man having that perfect ĎVí-Shaped body then avoid wearing extra boxy clothes. Your perfect outfit is a t-shirt or a shirt that narrows at lower stomach area - waist. You can also flaunt your perfect body shape by avoiding multiple-layered or puffy clothes.
Thin: We have a solution for all those who are often addressed as thin built or slim. Look for shirts or t-shirts that are slim fit and go for turtle necks and crewed necks. Go for outfit with spread collars as they help your chest look wider. Avoid ĎVí neckline as it shows off thin features.
Chunky: To look taller and slimmer, you best pick should be vertical stripes for shirts as well as trousers. Try to go for V-necklines as these make you look slimmer. Wear at-least waist length Shirts and T-shirts and avoid short shirts or t-shirts. Also avoid and kind of boxy designing on hips, it would make you look even shorter.
Pear-Shaped: Are you among so-called pear-shaped men? Donít worry; ShopClues is here to help you out. Opt for darker colors while selecting trousers, such as black, navy blue or brown and boot-cut pants make you look slimmer from thighs and hips. Avoid wearing skinny outfits with jackets that end at your hips, as they flatter the pear shaped curves. Instead replace those with jackets or t-shirts with apparel that reach slight down.
Big: Wear pointed-collar shirts or t-shirts that turns focus more towards your face. Opt for 3-button blazers or overcoats instead of 1- and 2-button ones; as these makes your body look elongated and help you look taller and thinner. Keep the top button undone to help you move freely; also standing straight and wearing pants with slightly longer hems will make you look taller. Avoid wearing turtle necks or crewed necks that almost make your neck disappear, making you look shorter and thus bigger.

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