How to Choose Best Mobile Phone for Yourself

Published: 11th June 2012
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How to Choose Best Mobile Phone for Yourself
Mobile has become a necessity in today’s fast moving world, be it calling your loved ones, texting your friends or to be your own friend with a music playlist on your phone. Looking forward to buy a mobile and confused which one to buy? With a range of makes, models and features available in the market, it becomes really baffling to get the best mobile phone suited to you and your daily needs. We, at, are here to solve all your confusion and with our recommendations according to your taste, budget and needs.
1. Choose Your Service Provider Intelligently: Know and choose intelligently your mobile service provider – Go for one that offers best network coverage in your area and gives you ample plans to choose according to your usage. Do you already have a favorite mobile service provider on your mind? The next big question is which services you should look for- most service providers (Eg: Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Reliance, Tata Indicom) have two basic services GSM and CDMA. There are different kinds of usability plans available on the both the services. Important note to make is -GSM phones support a SIM card to communicate with the service provider’s network, therefore same cell phone can be used to support different service providers. On the other hand a CDMA phone has fixed connection for only one service provider and cannot be used for any other service providers.

2. You Want to be Up-to-Date on Gossips Even When You’re Away: If staying connected is your major priority while buying a cell phone, then go for handsets having maximum Battery Life and talk time backup. With cell phones available in less than 5K, we have enough options on the market to choose. A point to keep in mind – Look for less complex models with basic features, such models gives amazing battery life as most of the battery is consumed in running complex features on other phones. Some good Makes and Models in market are –Nokia X2, Micromax X222 Dual GSM, Spice mobile M-5570, LG GX300 and some basic models from Samsung.

3. Do You Love Texting Over Calling? If you like texting all the new happenings to your friends and dear ones – our recommendations would be to go for models that are specially designed for chit-chatters. General Feature to look for is a QWERTY keypad for ease of typing and a little larger screen size to clearly preview your texts. Samsung Chat 527 and Samsung Corby Text are amongst a few specifically designed for messaging comfort. You can also try out Nokia X3-02 which flaunts ‘Touch and Type’ feature.

4. You Believe in Quick Sharing and Data Transferring: If you love sharing your playlist with friends and transfer ringtones, pictures and videos to them, then go for a cell phone that allows you to pair your phone with the help of Bluetooth to your friend’s phone. A Bluetooth pairing enables quick and easy sharing option using this wireless technology. Also, if you connect Internet via your cell phone, Bluetooth helps you Connect using your phone as a modem. BlackBerry Bold, Nokia Astound and HTC Evo are some of the best Bluetooth capability phone models on the market and Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G is considered as a popular Smartphone option with Bluetooth 3.0.

5. Receiving and Responding to E-mails is Important to you? Do you think you’ll be soup or lose on money, if you don’t respond to the emails instantly? Are you amongst businessmen, HR executives and/or other corporate professionals who want to be active on mails, even on the move? Our recommendations would be to opt for phones that have email sync features. You can check & send your important mails 24x7 even while you are on the move. BlackBerry smartphones are considered master in e-mail handiness. Just read & respond to your mails by clicking the ‘Message’ tab at the main menu. Opt for BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry torch and you’ll never regret!!

6. Social Networking is Always on Your Mind: If updating your status over facebook, twitter and other social networking site is the first thing that comes to your mind, as soon as you know a new happening - we have a cell phone recommendation for you. Look for a phone that connects you instantly with your favorite social networking site with built-in apps on your handset. You can like, comment and even update your latest status with these apps right from your cell phone. Cell phones with QWERTY keypad and/or touch screen make your task much easier.

7. Don’t Ever Miss a Moment Without Camera: Like to capture great moments, but don’t carry your camera everywhere. Don’t worry, these days cell phones are available that have comparable image qualities that of digital cameras plus don’t require a laptop or PC to upload images. Choose a mobile that has high resolution camera(s) and an expandable storage capacity upto 16 or 32GB. Apple iPhone 4S with 8MP camera, Nokia N8 with 12MP camera and Samsung Galaxy SII with 8MP camera are some of the popular makes and models in terms of built-in Cameras.
Depending on your needs and personal preference for usage, we have tried to list a few recommendations to find the mobile phone that suits you the best. We hope this section will help you choose the best Cell/Mobile Phone available on the market that meets your requirement and taste.

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